Popeyes is anonymously launching a new secret sauce, setting them up to prove they have better taste. And they'll do it during a time when good taste means everything: New York Fashion Week.


Popeyes creates an unbranded secret sauce. Bottles will be given to A-list Fashion Week guests, and packets will be left places around town and slipped into Uber Eats orders. 

bottle no background.png
sauce packets 8_30.png
gigi mockup insta.png

Promo videos of models trying the sauce on competing fast food will be anonymously posted on social, encouraging people to find it and try it on everything they eat. 

Posters will also go up to create more hype and get the #secretsauce trending. 

Jessica OOH 8_30 .jpeg
Claire Poster Mockup 2 .jpeg
Emily Mockup Poster 8_30png.jpeg
Liam Poster Mockup 8_30.jpeg

Then we sit back and watch people go nuts for the newest craze in condiments. 

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Tweet 1.jpeg
Tweet 3.png
Tweet 4.png
jimmy fallon and sauce packets.png

And once they have, Popeyes will fess up, revealing that their cajun flavor was responsible for elevating the taste of

otherwise average food.

Popeyes Reveal Tweet .jpeg

Copywriter: Me! 

AD: The fabulous Hannah Newsome 😍