[adult swim] + YMCA

50% of adults don't know how to swim. In order to change this shocking statistic, the YMCA is teaming up with [adult swim] network to promote their rebranded [adult swim]ing lessons. 


Adult Swim runs quirky bumpers between shows. We'll mimic their existing style with new bumpers promoting our "swim cl[as]s"


We'll also turn potholes into tiny pools as a weird, subtle nudge to sign up for lessons. 

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While the campaign is running, [adult swim]'s landing page will direct people to the swim cl[as]s sign ups at the YMCA.

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Body Copy: Drowning is the 3rd leading cause of accidental death behind car accidents and poisoning. Which means that we’re only slightly more likely to be taken out by spoiled milk than a small pond. So sign up for [adult swim]ming lessons. 


Once people complete the swim class, they'll get complimentary swag.

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Copywriter: Moi

AD: Kate Budorick *chef's kiss* 😚👌