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This script was written to follow suit with Geico's previous

"Get happy. Get Geico." campaign.

Ants with Umbrellas / :30


Three ants appear on screen in a kitchen peeping around the corner of a toaster. 


Ant 1:         Look at that. 


Cut to a shot of a man sloppily eating a piece of banana bread making crumbs go everywhere. 


Ant 2:         What a piece ‘a work. 


Ant 3:         So many crumbs, (rubbing hands together) it’s almost too easy. 


Ant 1:         (yelling) You’re a grown man Jeff, use a plate!


They all laugh hysterically. A dark shadow appears over them as Jeff approaches with insect repellant. The ants start screaming.


Ant 1:         Grab the umbrellas!


They all open tiny umbrellas as Jeff sprays them with repellant. Everything is now slow motion as ‘singing in the rain’ starts playing, and the ants dance back away into their hiding spot. Cut to the guys with the banjos. 


Banjo Guy 1:        People who switch to Geico seem pretty happy.


Banjo Guy 2:         Just how happy would you say?


Banjo Guy 1:         About as happy as an ant with an umbrella. 


Cue banjo song  

VO:           Get happy, Get Geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more. 

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